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About us

The Business

Castillo Real Estate B.V. was founded on 28 January 2008. Our company covers a wide variety of segments in the real estate sector, serving businesses and private individuals.

We constantly emphasise sound entrepreneurship, combined with transparency and an energetic, progressive vision. In our opinion, these are the factors that unify a company internally and retain customer loyalty.

Over the past years we have concentrated mainly on acquiring very outdated dwellings with the aim of restoring them and/or dividing them into several apartments. After thorough renovation, we market these premises again in a completely refurbished state while retaining the charming and authentic features of such houses.

The result is an attractive combination of classic and modern features with all the comfort and convenience that one expects these days. The future residents are always the main consideration during the development and execution of these turn-key projects. The love and passion for this work is unfeigned, and that radiates unmistakably from every Castillo home!

Please see the ‘
What is on Offer’ page to check out what we currently have on offer.

Own Portfolio

Of course, we will continue to concentrate on the aspect of our business described above. However, the time is ripe for us to spread our investments and to radically expand the real estate activities. We have therefore begun compiling and managing our own portfolio of investments in retail and catering premises, with and without rented apartments above them.

Third-party Services

We have also decided to convert out expertise into services to third parties, given the growing demand for renovations and portfolio management for private and corporate clients. On the ‘ services’ page, you can read what our company can offer you.

We’re Buying!

Do you own a property suitable for investment and/or development that you wish to sell. We are always on the lookout for such properties and willing to consider interesting premises! Feel free to call us or send an email. We may be able to strike a bargain.

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