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Currently under Construction

Poortstraat 64, Utrecht
3 apartments

Ground floor, 3 rooms, 59 m²
€ 277,500, costs for purchaser’s account.

First floor, 2 rooms, 54 m²
€ 259,500, costs for purchaser’s account.

Second floor, 2 rooms, 54 m²
€ 264,500, costs for purchaser’s account.

De Poortstraat 64 in Utrecht was officially built in 1900. However, the first architectural drawings that can be found in the city archive are from 1888. All in all, this is a rather special project because of the considerable size of the house, the charming front façade and the ideal location in the sought-after Wittevrouwen neighbourhood. For us, this was sufficient reason to acquire the premises for development.

The project involves splitting the existing residential property into three generously proportioned apartments, separately registered in the land registry and each with its own outdoor yard. Restructuring is essential in order to make effective use of the available space. To this end, the building is being completely refurbished, both internally and externally, and skilfully finished with the use of high quality, sustainable materials. If desired, the luxury apartments can be handed over completely ready for use. It goes without saying that they will conform to all the stipulations of the municipality and the fire service with regard to ventilation, noise insulation, security and fire safety.

We would emphasise that the specified areas in square metres are factually correct, while noting that floor space where the floor-ceiling height is less than 1.5 metres has been included in the measurement. Of course, the outside yards, exterior walls, communal areas and the basement are
not counted in the habitable areas.

Sale will be subject to acquisition of the confirmed licence to build and divide. The asking prices are based on turn-key handover.

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